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When and why to Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

Spaying or neutering a pet refers to a surgical procedure to alter a dog or cat and make them unable to produce puppies or kittens.
The term spaying is used for female pets and the term neutering is used for male pets, neutering usually used for both genders.
When to alter my pet?

At Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital we recommend that pet owners should alter their pets in a very young age

  • For Dogs at the age of Six to Nine Months, sometimes the procedure can be done for dogs as young as ten weeks as long as they are healthy.
  • For cats at the age of Ten weeks to Five Months, it is possible to spay a female cat while she is in heat.
    Why should I do this?

So many reasons you should spay or neuter your pet here are some of them.

  • Less chances of urinary tract infections.
  • Less chances of breast cancer.
  • Dogs live 40% longer as shown in studies.
  • Dogs will be more easily trained.
  • Being calmer and less distracted.
  • Less chances of gaining the extra weight.
  • No messy heat cycles.


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