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Keep Your Pet Healthy

How to monitor and maintain a healthy weight for your pet?

  • Healthy weight isn’t simply a number on a scale; it’s about healthy body composition.
  • Feed your pet a balanced, nutritious diet.
  • Make a diet plan for your pet and stick to it.
  • Monitor and record results then make necessary adjustments to the plan.
  • Consult with us to build the most effective diet plan for your pet.

Exercise your pet.

  • Begin with short, frequent walks, and take frequent rests as needed.
  • Train your dog to behave on a leash.
  • Remember that walks are also good for your dog to enjoy the environment.
  • Build gradually to one or more 15 minutes periods of walking.
  • Obey leash laws, and always clean up after your dog.

Feed your pet a balanced, nutritious diet.

  • Eliminate table scraps and fattening, high-calorie treats.
  • Slow your pet’s food consumption by using a special bowl that makes it harder to gulp down their food.
  • The recommended feeding amount printed on the pet food label might not be appropriate for your pet.
  • Give your pet a constant supply of fresh water.

Have your pet examined at least once a year.

  • Regular wellness exams are recommended for your pet.
  • At Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital we give recommendations for a wellness program based on your pet’s breed.
  • Limit your pet’s reproduction through spay/neuter.
  • Your pet’s teeth should be checked at least once a year.

Vaccinate your pet against potentially deadly diseases.

  • “Core” vaccines are recommended for most pets.
  • Many vaccinations provide adequate immunity when administered every few years.

Keep your pet free of parasites (fleas and ticks, heartworm).

  • Fleas thrive when the weather is warm and humid.
  • Female fleas begin laying eggs within 24 hours producing up to 50 eggs each day.
  • Fleas bite animals and suck their blood.
  • Heartworms can only be transmitted from animal to animal by mosquitoes.


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