About Us

Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital and its staff works diligently to build a working and  trusting relationship with its community and their beloved animal companions. This  is why we’ve placed an ever-increasing emphasis on client education,  communication and owner involvement. You can be confident that your pet will be  in the hands of professionals who are dedicated to providing care and comfort  along with their medical knowledge..

Our veterinarians and staff will work closely with you to understand your concerns  about your pet and will create treatment and/or preventive plans that best meet the  needs of your pet.

Our Staff

An animal clinic is only as good as its staff. Our Team is friendly and dedicated to  providing the highest quality of care to each animal that comes through our doors.

Our​ ​staff​ is highly qualified and knowledgeable. They are veterinary technicians,  animal care attendants, client education specialists, and/or receptionists who look  forward to answering your questions in a warm and friendly manner.

Dr. Louka and our licensed veterinarians​ are experienced, caring and will provide  your pet with excellent healthcare from puppy/kittenhood to well into their senior  years.

Quality Care

When you come to Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital you can expect top notch care from  the minute you walk in.
From a friendly greeting upon arrival, the time it takes to  obtain your pet’s medical history and any concerns you may have, offering  treatment plans and explaining what the plan is, to the availability to answer any  questions you may have even after you leave our clinic. Our goal is to help our pet  owners understand what is being done and addressing any concerns they may have  along the way.

Our Offers

There are many offers we provide to try and help our pet owners.
If it’s your first time with us we offer a ​First Time Client Coupon.

We also have promotions that are different every month. From discounted blood work to discounted procedures, keep an eye out for one that may be of interest here.

Our goal is to provide affordable healthcare for your pet without sacrificing quality.